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Place to Visit in Porto Torres

  • Basilica of San Gavino, the largest Romanesque basilica of Sardinia (1065);
  • Tower of Abbacurrente, in the coast that leads to Platamona beach;
  • Two churches of Balai (called Balai lontano and Balai vicino), the first built on the prison site of the martyrs Gavino, Proto and Gianuario, the second where the same were beheaded;
  • Antiquarium Turritano, the national archaeological museum of the city, with the remains of the ancient Turris Libisonis in Roman times, such as beautiful statues, masks, mosaics, artifacts, jewelry and sarcophagi;
  • Ponte Romano, the roman bridge close to the Antiquarium, which was the gateway to the city, the bridge that plowed the river Rio Mannu;
  • Mount Accoddi, important archaeological site of prenuragic Sardinia, located just outside Porto Torres on the SS. 131 towards Sassari;
  • Asinara Park: it’s a protected island with an area of 51 square kilometers and 110 km of coastline. Ferry connections are available from the port of Porto Torres and Stintino. Tour operators are available for visits, excursions and trekking. Boat trips are also recommended. The Island can be visited by boat trips, buses, small trains, electric cars and bicicles. Asinara is rich in bird wildlife and fauna, mostly because hunting and fishing is strictly prohibited, and many white donkeys can be seen in the wild hills. Amazing are also the seabeds, and the granite rocks and lush vegetation reveal a paradisiac landscape. A visit to the penal colony is also very recommended. The branch of Fornelli, in particular, with a guided tour of the maximum security prison where members of the Red Brigades, Mafia and members of the infamous “Sardinian kidnappers” were held;
  • Balai Beach: just 800 meters far from the B & B The Bright House, this wonderful beach shines with its crystal clear water surrounded by high cliffs and a large public park;
  • Scoglio Lungo beach: 150 meters far from the B & B The Bright House, this characteristic beach is famous for its shallow water, a twenty-meter rock that gives the name to the beach, and a dolphin bronze sculpture that stands out from a small rock placed in the central part of the bay. Accessible to disabled people, it’s surrounded by ice cream shops, pubs and restaurants;
  • Spiaggia delle acque dolci (sweet waters beach): named after the submarine springs which provide a distinctive color clear, this beach is famous for bright sand and clear water. Located in the seafront between the beaches of Scoglio Lungo and Balai, it is equipped with free showers;
  • Balai bike lane: positioned all along the coast, it connects the city center to the church of Balai Lontano. The itinerary is perfect for jogging and cycling, with a unique view of the Gulf of Asinara;
  • Baden Powell Park: a large area of approximately seven hectares located near the beach of Balai, with perfect trials for fitness enthusiasts. There are also numerous picnic areas and paths between the palm trees and Mediterranean scrub.
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